What Misters are Used For

A mister is that large fan that people often see blowing some kind of smoke. That’s not smoke they are seeing, but mist. Those machines actually blow mist in order to make the air cooler.

Mist fans are somewhat different from regular electric fans. They are similar in that both use electric motors to spin blades so fast that it generates a strong gust of wind. The difference lies in the mist.

Mist fans are equipped with water pressure systems that blow water through a bunch of small nozzles. The nozzles then create tiny microns of water that combine with the air. The water droplets are so tiny that they immediately evaporate once they come into contact with one another. This process is known as evaporative cooling. It basically lowers air temperature.

A mister can be so effective in cooling an area that it tends to see a lot of use in open areas. This is the primary advantage of a mist fan. The fact that it can be used to provide cool outside comfort gives it an advantage over air conditioners.

However, that is not all. Mist fans can also be used for a wide variety of different applications. Here are some of the less common ways people use mist fans.

Odor control

One cool way of using a mist fan is to suppress foul odor. This is why mist fans see plenty of use in industries where smell is a huge concern for the working environment.

pingler usedSmell, for those who do not know, is the tiny particles that float around the air that fly up into the nose. The nose picks up the scent because the particle excites certain sensory nerves. Mist fans can help control foul smell by getting rid of those particles.

The mister blows tiny micron sized droplets of water. These droplets are so tiny that they can actually capture the foul smelling particles and prevent them from spreading. This is employed in plenty of different industries and working environments because mist systems are very cost effective compared to other alternatives.

Dust and particle control

particleAnother problem encountered by certain industries the amount of dust particles that they have to deal with. Dust can be a very serious danger to those who breathe it.

A good misting system will be able to capture all the dust and prevent it from spreading. This kind of application is common in industries where particle dust is a major concern, such as mining, or cement production.

Like in odor control, misting systems are seeing more and more users considering just how cost effective they can be in solving a serious issue like dust control. The mister is a practical and affordable solution that is difficult to pass up on.


Mist fans can also affect the humidity of an environment. Humidity control is very important in a lot of different applications.

For one thing, some farmers and biologists have seen the benefit of using a mist fan in order to help maintain a certain degree of humidity. Farmers want to maintain the humidity in order to preserve some of their crops and make sure none of it goes to waste. Biologists, especially botanists, use mist fans as humidifiers to help maintain the climate of their plants’ habitat. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Other industries, such as wood, brewing, tanning, and tobacco are just some of the other industries that derive a huge benefit from the use of a mist fan. The best part of it all is that a solid mister is cheap to get and maintain.